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USATF Mid-Atlantic Association
3nd Annual Cross Country Race Series
2011 Events
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Contact Info: Dave Thomas: thomasd611@yahoo.com

Bill Kampf
August 9, 2011
West Chester XC Races

Oakbourne Park
1014 S. Concord Rd.
West Chester, PA 19382
Alex Proctor
610-647-4400 ext. 3155
2011 West Chester Results
2011 Cross Country Race Series Standings after one race
September 10, 2011
**Chestnut Hill School XC
3 Miles www.wanderersrunningclub.org
Chestnut Hill School
500 Willow Grove
Philadelphia, PA 19118
Paul Hines
2011 Chestnut Hill School XC Results
September 10, 2011
**QUAD X Cross Country Open
5,000 Meters
Belmont Plateau
Belmont & Montgomery
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Bob Schwelm
2011 QUAD X Cross Country Open Results
2011 Standings Race Series Standings after three races
October 8, 2011
1:30pm & 2:10pm
Saint Clair Memorial XC
Women 6,000 Meters-12:00pm
Men 5 Miles - 1:00pm
Belmont Plateau
Belmont & Montgomery
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Dave Thomas
2011 Saint Clair Memorial Results
2011 Standings Race Series Standings after four races
October 22, 2011
Philadelphia Catholic League Open
5,000 Meters
Belmont Plateau
Belmont & Montgomery
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Dave Thomas
2011 Philadelphia Catholic League Results
2011 Standings Race Series Standings after five races
November 26, 2011

10:20am - Women
11:00am Masters Men
11:30am Open Men
# Delaware Open XC Championship 5000 Meters
#2011 USATF Mid-Atlantic
5K XC Championship
Brandywine Creek State Pk. Wilmington, DE Jim Walsh jgwalsh59@comcast.net
2011 Delaware Open XC Championship 5000 Meters Results
2011 Final Standings
# Delaware will serve as the USATF Mid-Atlantic
Cross Country Championship for 2011
**In the Series, athlete has the choice of either running the Chestnut Hill OR QUAD X. Runners will be scored in the top 5 of the 6 races in the Series.
USATF Mid-Atlantic Cross Country Series 2011
USATF Mid-Atlantic will support the 2011 Cross Country Series. The 5 race XC Series has been created to enhance the quality of cross country and promote competition in a series format. Scoring by the World Masters Athletics Age Graded Table will enable the series to give all competitors the chance to compete head to head and provide excitement over the entire 5 race series.
In it's 3rd season, the XC Series will offer competition and awards to individual USATF runners but we encourage promoting club spirit in each race. The XC races used in the series use USATF Mid-Atlantic sanctioned events, ensuring the competitors the highest standard of meet management.
Rules of the Series:
1) Participants in the XC series must complete the respective forms for each race they compete in. Race entries that prove unreadable or contain missing info (age/gender) will be considered void for purpose of the XC Series.
2) Individuals must be registeed as a 2011 USATF Mid-Atlantic athlete before their performance from any race is scored. A USATF representative will be present at each race for membership sign up opportunity and to answer questions. USATF membership must be approved before scoring is official.
3) Each of the races in the series retain the right to manage entries, to offer prize money, and present its own award categories. The USATF XC Series scoring will be completed "after the fact" by using the official race results. The XC Series scoring summary will be posted on the USATF Mid-Atlantic website and will be visible at eace race that is part of the XC Series.
4) The XC Series is open to all USATF Mid-Atlantic club and unattached runners.
Scoring and awards:
1) The Age Graded tables developed by World Masters Athletics (WMA) will be used to score results from each race. Each finisher's time will be divided into the standard for his/her age/gender. This calculation will produce a percentage performance score for each race. Using the WMA % will enable competitive scoring among all of the age groups in determining the XC Series standings.
2) WMA% will be calculated after each of the 5 races of the Series with the awards and overall placing determined by each runner's total score at the end of the Series. There are no team standings or team awards for the 2011 XC Series. There will be separate gender scoring and individual awards. Overall placing is determined by the athletes total handicap score of 5 races of the 6 races in the XC Series.

Overall Awards (Men and Women)*
USATF Merchandise will be given to the top 7 places in the Men's and Women's categories with the recipients recognized at the Annual Awards Luncheon.

Waiver: USATF Mid-Atlantic, its officers, members and any or all sponsors of this XC series disclaim any responsibility or liability of injury, loss or damages arising from your participation. You assume full responsibility for being physically fit and a trained athlete. Further, your participation in this series testifies to your permission for free use by USATF Mid-Atlantic, series sponsors, the use of your image for any promotion associated to this XC series.