Join the USATrack & Field Mid-Atlantic Association

Mid-Atlantic USA Track & Field has full online processing of Individual and Organization membership applications and renewals.

The online process assures you of a safe, secure and speedy way to receive your USATF membership card without the hassle and time constraints of the U.S. mail.

In addition to instant membership processing, you will receive your new USATF number while you are on-line. You will also receive a complete benefits fulfillment package and a permanent membership card within three weeks from the National USATF Office in Indianapolis. You may view the membership benefits on line.

Membership Application is managed through the USATF national website. Applications for individuals and organizations can be submitted through the online application process. When you start the process, you will enter a secured webpage. This will ensure that your data will be kept private.

There are numberous benefits of national membership in the USATF. Visit the national website for list of benefits of membership.

Apply for membership online or download the PDF applications. When you apply, indicate the Club you will be joining through. View this list of USATF Mid-Atlantic Clubs and find the corresponding Club number when you apply.

Send printed applications to Mid-Atlantic Association

Mail completed application with payment to:
Mid-Atlantic Association
P.O. Box 662
Southeastern, PA 19399